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White Quartz Natural Crystal Point Reiki Stone Pendant on Braided Waxed Cord

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These clear quartz crystals have been fashioned into simple pendants secured by natural braided waxed cord in a knotted net, a classic and timeless design that is extensively versatile.  Every piece is unique, and most of these natural crystals will have some imperfections.  All crystals may not be as clear as the ones pictured here, but they uniformly should have the characteristic 6-sided crystal point shape.

Every world culture has traditions around the usage of quartz in a myriad of ways.  Even today, our culture is dominated by the use of devices containing quartz crystals, such as watches, computers, and smartphones.  It’s revered as a multifunctional enhancer of our civilization, because its piezoelectric property makes quartz very useful for electronics, like an atomic metronome.

Wearing this crystal may not help you get to the train on time, but it will alert others to your holistic and unified world view, and maybe help during times of rest and reflection.

Size: approx. 3-5cm in length

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