About Us – Shelly Crag Imports

About Us

As a hobbyist, and more recently a business owner, I believe in being the agent of my own success and happiness. I not only enjoy creating unique wearable gifts that look and feel great to the wearer, but I also hope to pass on the enthusiasm for creating beauty to others that interact with my store. The handcrafted jewelry community is ever growing, and there's always more to learn about the techniques and materials that I find of interest. Why not put my work towards financial independence while partaking in this passion, and be a part of something bigger? That's why I created Shelly Crag Imports.

I look forward to welcoming you into this joint-venture of creating small, wearable luxuries, and maybe learning something new in the process, and being your own agent of happiness. Enjoy!


Note: Shelly Crag Imports does not intend to make any claims that the products sold will diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any physical or mental disease.  We do not promote or discourage any particular spiritual practice in concert with the purchase of these items.