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Natural Shungite Round Stone Beads

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These are natural shungite round beads on a 15in strand.  Shungite is a hardened stable carbon mineraloid that has trace amounts of fullerene (Buckminster fullerene), a theoretical molecular structure shaped similar to the classic black and white soccer balls.  Mineral content is similar to jet but much older, and similar to anthracite but with a very different molecular arrangement.  

The stone has been used since the 18th century in Russian spas as a water purifier, in similar manner to other carbon water filtration products, or to activated charcoal supplements.  It is purported by the locals to have purification and antimicrobial properties, and some new age shaman types have even been touting it as an anti-EMF and overall good life charm.  

Further scientific research is currently being done on shungite for applications in nanotechnology, because of the once hypothetical C60 fullerene now discovered to be present in the substance, which might be useful for nanoengineering materials, UV protection, and cancer treatments.  

The most pure shungite does have a very shiny luster, and can be made into attractive jewelry pieces.  The stone has a warming effect on the skin.  As with any carbon materials, we recommend keeping them away from heat sources.