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Natural Pink Opal Round Polished Stone Beads, 7.5in Strand

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Item includes a 7.5 in strand of these unique light pink round opals.

This is a recently discovered type of opal that does not have play of color or fire, but nevertheless is technically classified as common opal.  Colors vary from off-white to deep pink, with occasional white to clear chalcedony crystals and dark bands embedded within.

The stone was primarily found in Peru as massive pink slabs, and this variety would be called Peruvian opal or Andean opal, alongside the blue Paraiba opal.  More recently pink opals have been mined in Australia, but have also been found in other areas to a lesser extent.

Pink opals are found where compressed rocks from ancient ocean beds have been thrust to the surface by plate tectonic forces.  Opals are created slowly over time by water percolating through volcanic rock or sedimentary silica, dissolving the mineral and filling underground voids and porous layers with the silica gel, that is further pressurized and finally becomes opal.  This opal also contains organic pigments from fossilized plankton, which provides the pink color.

The delicate pink color of these stones is sure to complement most designs, and would be a great addition to any creative process. If creating a necklace we recommend ordering at least two strands.