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Labradorite Oval Freeform Polished Stone Beads, 15in Strand

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This is one 15in strand of labradorite freeform polished beads, roughly oval shaped.  The beads are listed with a size variation of 8-10mm.

Labradorite is a dark to light gray silicate.  Most labradorite, but not all, exhibits varying amounts of the schiller diffraction effect called labradorescence.  Over a long period and in the right temperature conditions, the alkaline and metal ions in the stone separate into microscopic repeating patterns resembling stacked flakes, fish scales, or the gills under a mushroom cap.  This form, called lamellar, was used to describe a type of armor used in central Asia, resembling scale armor but without the lining underneath so as to improve range of movement.  

Labradorite was given the name when it was found by missionaries on the islands of Labrador in Northern Canada. There are also several legends from the Inuit oral traditions that relate how an ancient Inuit warrior was involved with releasing the Aurora Borealis with his mighty spear, with varying details to the legends depending on who tells it. The Inuit call this stone Fire Rock or Fire Stone.  The most spectacular specimens were found in Finland and are called Spectrolite.  Of course, this complex stone has many mystical powers attributed to it as with any unusual stone that appears to glow from within. One could easily derive inspiration from the reflected rainbows seen in these stones, especially when one discovers how much effort from the earth is put into it.