10mm Dark Gray Freshwater Potato Pearls, 15in Strand – Shelly Crag Imports

10mm Dark Gray Freshwater Potato Pearls, 15in Strand

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A 40 cm (15 in) strand of dark gray freshwater potato pearls. 

Potato pearls are less uniform in shape as the luxury quality pearls, but still exhibits the beautiful pearlescent shimmer expected from a pearl, available at an economical price.  Great for making strands and matching earring sets.  

There is a particular way to string pearls for a necklace, in that it is traditional to place a knot in between each pearl.  This technique is meant to limit losing most of the pearls in case the string is broken.  A beaded necklace strung in this manner will feel very supple to handle, much like a metal chain rather than just beads strung together in the usual manner.  Pearls are unexpectedly durable if they should be dropped accidentally.  They contain the same substance as the shell of the mollusk from which they came (calcium carbonate).

Authentic pearls have a cooling effect on the skin - great for summer wear.

Diameter will be approximately 10mm.  There will be slight variations in shape and size of these pearls, as much as 1mm.