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First Blog Entry - Opening the Store

Posted by Suchi Perry on

Hello all! I wanted my first blog post to be a welcome to new visitors to my website, and a synopsis of what this endeavor is all about. However, we have been so hard at work to setup our online storefront and product lineup, that over a week has gone by without any input. Hopefully I can improve on that.

Our focus is aligned with one core passion really, to feed our fascination for jewelry elements that are elegant, unusual, uncommon, or just look and feel beautiful. But I also want to provide a more discerning selection and purchasing experience, because we could all learn a little more about the materials we use to decorate our bodies, and maybe more about each other in the process.

I also believe we should always be trying to live more independently from archaic constructs that limit our abilities as human beings. Our minds are our own prisons, and some of us occasionally need a jolt to break out of that prison. This doesn't mean giving up on everything we know to be true, but if we are to gain a deeper understanding of what we know, we would need to permit ourselves to reach into the unknown for another perspective. If we can generate our own spark from within that cascades us into freedom from whatever is holding us back, we will achieve more than we can imagine. This store is directed toward my goal to be more financially independent. Hopefully this extends into a community of support and encouragement for each other, since our world could use more of it.

If you are browsing the catalog, you may notice some items come with an extensive narrative. As time goes on, I may try to distill those narratives into blog entries, as not everyone may want to read a wiki when they’re shopping. If you have any opinions on anything regarding the store, feel free to submit a comment, and rest assured it will be read. That’s the most direct way we can try to improve the interface with our customers.

I thank you for spending time in your day to check out my store, and I hope at least that I can brighten your day with acknowledgment that you are appreciated and cherished sisters and brothers of Earth.


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